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Think | Green

Maverick recognizes our responsibilities to protect and improve our environment . Maverick’s use of recycled and recyclable materials, our selection of environmentally-friendly supplies, our recycling of all possible wastes, and our efforts to eliminate or reduce waste put us in the forefront of companies that strive to act responsibly. Particleboard , an Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP), is composed of 93% wood particles recovered from wood waste and recovered wood fiber generated from wood processing residue , including sawdust and shavings. We use particleboard as the major component in all furniture . The other materials are coatings and adhesives, metal fasteners, metal drawer slides, metal glides, and metal and glass decorative items equaling less than 10% of the value of our furniture . Our glues, finishes and other products used in the factory are selected to provide the optimal quality with the lowest possible emissions. We seek to use powder- coated metals which reduce environment al impact. In California, the State Government , through the California Resource Board, regulates the volatile organic compound s ( VOC) and formaldehyde emission levels of particleboard that we use in our products. Our U.S. Manufactured particleboard is already better than current California standards and we will assure that they continue be better as the scheduled reductions of permissible emissions occurs over the next couple of years. Maverick invested in improvement to the lighting systems throughout our offices and factory. We significantly reduced electrical energy consumption. We schedule our factory operations to off-peak electricity periods whenever possible. We are planning even more energy-saving investment . We recognize that many consumers work on projects that involve LEED® Certification or designation. It is our understanding that credit requirement can be met by using Maverick products - Materials and Resource Credit for recycled content, for example, and credits for regional manufacture, depending on the distance from our California and Ohio factories. Maverick is fully committed to provide the highest quality office furniture with the lowest possible impact on our environment .Please contact us if we can provide more information.

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