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Gravity | Series

Gravity Series | GR1
Gravity Series | GR2R
Gravity Series | GR3R
Gravity Series | GR4R
Gravity Series | GR5R
Gravity Series | GR6
Gravity Series | GR7
Gravity Series | GR8
Gravity Series | GR9
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Where the forces of design and function are drawn together. Create the perfect environment in a corporate, home or an open plan office.

Made in the USA at our state of the art facilities in California and Ohio.

HPL Modesty & Privacy Panel Bright Color Options

Tackboard Fabric Options

Anchorage 2335


Cape Cod 3073

Tempest 2120

Metallation 5118

Sprite 2671

Metro 3077

Phrase 9508

Metal Leg Color Options

Markerboard Privacy Screens Color Options

Laminate Finishes and Fabric Samples Shown are Approximations.

Thanks! Message sent.

We'll be glad to send you samples of materials upon your request.

Only card samples available for fabric finishes – for physical samples, please order directly through

Handle Options

Data Power/Grommet



Gravity Brochure


Discounts are different between factories. Please verify with your Sales Rep., or Customer Service.

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