Freshen Up Your Office Space

with Apex Series
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Gravity Series

Where the forces of design and function are drawn together.


Desktop Dividers

Create a safe, single space in a community atmosphere.


Maverick Lockers

Freshen up and organize the area with planters and lockers.

5-community table.tif

Community Tables

Collaborate with peers at the community table.

Laptop Table View 1(sq)-01.jpg

Laptop Tables

Individual tables for the modern office.



Gather thoughts and ideas in a private space. 

16-conference room.tif

TV Media Tables

Present or strategize as a team at the media table.


Summit Home Office

Facilitate individual and team learning in an organized way.

120 degree Bone.jpg

Apex 120° Station

Create a unique workspace for your employees.

Apex_Mav_MMSDF3042 TYPICAL 1.jpg

Personal Storage

Organize your items and provide additional privacy.

Maverick's Covid Response

Maverick's Covid Response

Maverick's Covid Response

Maverick's Covid Response